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Everything you need for a successful charity raffle

Charity raffles

Make your ongoing charity raffles work hard to raise money by choosing CFP – our dedicated team has 35 years’ experience running fundraising competitions for local, national and international organisations, and we can do the same for you.

Our complete charity raffles service includes:

if you need us to get you started, we will provide guidance to you on codes of practice (LCCP) and your responsibilities under the Gaming Act (2005). From here, CFP will help you submit the necessary Gambling Commission licence application forms.

Aside from ensuring compliance with all the relevant legislation, we can develop in-depth strategy plans with you to highlight income and expenditure – this will best optimise the response of your supporter base as well as kick-start your cold recruitment.

all CFP raffle packs are designed by an experienced team with a proven track record for producing winning direct mail campaigns, so you can be sure your fundraising efforts will be attention grabbing – we can even offer a copywriting service to guarantee a well-written, emotive piece. Alongside this, our size has enabled us to negotiate fixed print costs on certain raffle packs, giving you an incredibly cost-effective campaign

Due to the large amount of data we purchase each year we are able to negotiate aggregate purchasing deals by buying for several clients at a time. CFP is delighted to pass the cost saving we achieve on to you.

if you already have data lists of your own, our bespoke 3D matrix helps you quickly identify the optimum number of ticket books to send each supporter

to ensure your data lists are working as hard as possible for you, we can provide data cleaning, suppressions, de-duplication, tele-appending, email-appending, MPS and bereavement registers, mailsorting and mail preparation

CFP has a dedicated raffle processing and fulfilment department. We are proud to have a highly skilled and experienced team who handle this aspect of your campaigns with care and precision.

We securely and efficiently process tens of millions of raffle responses on an annual basis, and are able to offer a full range of services for the processing of your raffle campaigns including

  • Post opening and processing,
  • Data capture
  • Banking including card payment processing, direct debit processing,
  • Weekly reporting followed by in-depth post-campaign analysis of mailings
  • Supporter Services including dedicated helpline and supporter administration

High levels of paper storage has always been a traditional by-product of ticketed charity raffles – but not with CFP.

Our data capture department boasts a top of the range system which can see you reduce this amount of storage whilst ensuring accuracy and a comprehensive record of campaigns.

This service is proving particularly beneficial for keeping all of those valuable gift aid sign ups intact and on file to ensure you can keep generating the optimum income from your generous supporters.

We are also able to offer access to our online platform This gives you opportunity to sell online chances as part of your raffle, as well as giving players the ability to make an extra donation or sign up for Gift Aid.

This secure and fully compliant system can be modified to your brand guidelines, and guarantees a positive ROI from day one.

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