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Meet the people set to boost your fundraising

The CFP team

We are proud to boast a dedicated, experienced team who are all waiting to help raise vital funds for your organisation – whether by raffles or lotteries.

The CFP team is:

Jason Haigh-Ellery – Chairman

Jason has been working in lotteries for over 25 years, continuing a family tradition established by his late father and CFP founder, Don Haigh-Ellery.

He is a Director of the Lotteries Council, a co-author of ‘Lotteries: A Guide to Good Practice’ and works as a consultant and External Lottery Manager on raffles and lotteries with several of the largest charities in Great Britain, helping to fundraise over £30 million a year and rising.

Much of this development is through cold mail recruitment for raffles. He also works internationally, in Ireland, America and Australia.

Jason is a former B.J.B.F British Lightweight Judo Champion.

Miles Haigh-Ellery – Managing Director

Miles joined CFP over 10 years ago to work along side his older brother. Miles is tasked with the financial control of CFP and is instrumental in the cost savings our clients benefit from through the VAT relief associated with our services.

He is also responsible for the day to day running of CFP’s multiple sites across the south-east, ensuring we are operating to our optimum ability through the appointment of our key staff and constant monitoring of our office practices and performance.

Miles lives and breathes CFP, but outside of work he is happily married to his wife of eight years, Carolyne, and has four daughters – between them they certainly keep him on his toes and out of mischief (and the bathroom!).

Heather East – Director of Operations

Heather has been with CFP for 23 years (and counting!). After playing a fundamental role in all departments of CFP over the years, Heather settled into a role overseeing our Data Department for a number of years, having an integral and lasting impact in developing and progressing this key aspect of our business.

In 2010, to celebrate 20 years of Heather’s hard work and dedication to CFP, she was honoured with the role of Director of Operations by the family. In her new role Heather plays a key part in coordinating the daily management of each department, where her experience and expertise are invaluable in supporting Jason and Miles in growing the business.

Heather’s two grown up children have flown the nest but if you thought that means she has endless free time on her hands, you would be wrong! With two adoring grandchildren to keep her busy, Heather also finds the time to enjoy dance classes and play in her local badminton team, and that’s before she looks at clocking up her air miles with her numerous trips around the globe – where does she find the time?

Alison Slinger – Senior Client Manager

Alison joined CFP in March 2010 as one of our valued Client Managers. Alison is responsible for the day to day running of some of the UK’s Top 10 Charity Raffle Programmes.

Alison keeps us reactive to our clients ever changing needs and is fundamental in devising successful raffle programmes that get real results for our charities!

Alison is an avid horse lover, and spends her free time tending to the many horses she looks after – some of which took part in the London 2012 Olympics! Alison’s passion for horses is infectious and her daughter shares in her mum’s love of horses…but so far it hasn’t extended to her son!

Lynn Traveller – Client Manager

Lynn joined the team in September 2011 to work alongside Alison in our Client Management Team.

As well as ensuring the smooth running of our key Client Accounts, Lynn also forms part of the team that is constantly developing our services and products, always striving to provide the best quality service to our clients.

Lynn brings over 15 years of sales and marketing experience, and her previous role involved travelling the world testing out some of the best hotels around – and the worst! It’s a good job her feet are now firmly back on the ground; with a teenage son to keep in check, there is never a dull moment!

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